As a reminder, use of motorized recreational vehicles on your property or on any property owned by the several metropolitan districts is prohibited.  This includes ATV’s, four wheelers, dune buggies and the like and specifically includes Tracts C (including the emergency access road on the west side of the development), G (the open space that meanders on the south side of the development) and I (reserved well sites).  Violations will be met with immediate cessation of trash services for a period of not less than 30 days, the imposition of fines after notice and hearing and if necessary, injunctive relief.  Operation of the same by unlicensed drivers on the streets is also prohibited.

To the extent anyone thinks the concerns expressed by multiple property owners are overstated, attached are several examples of the level of activity and damage done to lands owned by others.  The HOA will be looking to the property owner(s) to restore their own land and the metropolitan districts will be looking to have their lands restored as well.  It will not be an inexpensive process.

This is a zero tolerance policy.