Residents may have recently noticed a variety of landscaping activities being performed within the community.  As discussed in the annual meeting and through other notifications since that time, the Wild Pointe Ranch Homeowner’s Association has contracted with Hughes Landscaping to perform a variety of maintenance activities and improvements for many of the common areas within the community.  To date, these activities include:

  • Removal of deteriorated decorative fencing, as well as mowing at the development monuments located at Highway 86 and Legacy Ridge Street, and Highway 86 and Legacy Circle.  Similar activities have also been completed at the intersection of Legacy Circle and Legacy Trail.
  • Mowing and the removal of deteriorated decorative fencing near the mailbox kiosks on Legacy Trail and Legacy Ridge Street.
  • Repair of pedestrian steps, along with erosion mitigation activities at the gazebo off of Legacy Ridge Street.  In addition, mowing has taken place, repairs to the gate near the parking area have been completed, and an additional gate has been installed at the entrance.

In addition to the activities completed, the following actions are either in process or planned:

  • Assessment of and repairs/improvements to the irrigation and lighting systems at the development monuments and mailbox kiosk areas.
  • Addition of supplemental landscape materials on an as needed basis near the south mailbox kiosk and other common areas.
  • Establishment of a regular and consistent maintenance schedule going forward for these common areas.

These activities are all part of a 24-month action plan to address previously deferred maintenance items, and to make needed improvements as the community approaches full buildout of the 181 lots within the development.

Specific to the gazebo entrance gate, please note that this addition was prompted by the unauthorized access of non-residents for activities that, at best, were not constructive in nature.  Our hope is that the gate and chain will suffice in deterring non-residents; if not successful, it may be necessary to add a combination lock to further restrict access.  If this step is necessary, we will advise residents of the action, and how to access.  Until that time, please feel free to use the parking area, ensuring that the gate is closed and latched upon leaving.

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